First Generation Ninja Motorcycle

This article presents a comprehensive overview regarding the first generation ninja motorcycle. Here you will get to read important details regarding the first generation of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle, which enjoy a cult status being the first ever entry level bike in the sport category. The Kawasaki first generation ninja motorcycle was simple enough to be safe for beginners as well by any reputed bike manufacturer company to be launched in the market, it proved to be a huge hit and became a bestseller and its successive generations have also been among the top seller and the best performing bikes.

First Generation of Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle: The first generation ninja motorcycle came into market during the period 1983—1984.

The motorcycle belonging to the Kawasaki first generation ninja motorcycle is known as by the name of EX250-C. Another popular name for these bikes is GPZ-250. It is important to know about first generation ninja motorcycle that they were sold only in its home market of Japan where it was used to be manufactured.

Another feature of the first generation of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle’s earlier versions was that it was a belt-driven motorcycle which was manufactured for the first time in the year 1983. The belt-driven motorcycles are those which make use of a belt for transferring power between axles in a machine. These kinds of belt itself don’t possess any ribs on the inner side to engage special pulleys mounted to the axles.

There are no similarities between the first generation ninja motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki with that of later generations of Kawasaki ninja bikes.

The first generation ninja motorcycle and its later advanced versions are popularly used motorcycle training as a first bike, as they are considered as best for training purposes for the reason that they are efficient, practical and all-around motorcycle.