Ninja Motorcycle Nomenclature

If you are searching information about ninja motorcycle nomenclature, then you are reading the right article. You will get to read a comprehensive overview regarding nomenclature for Kawasaki ninja motorcycle here in this article. Just to help you those who are unaware about what does nomenclature is actually defined as a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline.

From the origin of the Kawasaki models onwards, the ninja motorcycles which belonged to the fourth generation model of Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle series is marketed in all the markets under the name of Ninja 250R. in another Kawasaki ninja motorcycle nomenclature, this particular model is also called by the name of its platform designation, which is EX250, with a generational suffix being added to it.

In the United States, the popular ninja motorcycle nomenclature is such that all the earlier generations of the ninja motorcycle EX250-E/F/G/H were already being marketed as members of the "Ninja" family of sport motorcycles, whereas in other countries this motorcycle was famously known as as the ZZR-250, ZX-250, or as the GPX-250R. Referring to the earlier nomenclature for Kawasaki ninja motorcycle, you will get to know that one of the previous generations, the EX250-C, was given the name GPZ-250.

Popular nomenclature for Kawasaki ninja motorcycle among the proud owners and fan following of the ninja motorcycle commonly call it using the name of its platform. In ninja motorcycle nomenclature prior to the year 2008 model, the ninja bike used to have different marketing names in different parts of the world. The EX250-J model which came in 2008 is referred by the name of Ninja 250R in all markets. Being the smallest in size among all the Ninja series motorcycles, the Ninja 250R is affectionately called by the nickname of Ninjette or Baby Ninja by its fans.