Fourth Generation Ninja Motorcycle

The fourth generation ninja motorcycle was launched in the year 2008 by totally revamping the EX250 model. It underwent a complete modernization in many years. The EX250-J model which belongs to the fourth generation of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle is called by the name of Ninja 250R worldwide, irrespective of the country or market. It is also the he latest generation and the model belonging to this latest Kawasaki ninja motorcycle fourth generation is also known as EX250-J.

In Kawasaki fourth generation ninja motorcycle, one can still find some parts of the third generation ninja motorcycles, however the exterior panels which have undergone complete redesign and restyling help in bringing out the smallest Ninja's appearance from the '90s and in sync with sports bike of late-2000s.

The engine and drive train in the fourth generation ninja motorcycle hold back around thirty percent of the -F model's parts, as described in the Kawasaki literature. As per other technical specifications of fourth generation of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle are concerned, its engine's compression and maximum torque has been changed by lowering it to offer better midrange performance, which is the position where the motorcycle spends maximum of its time.

The engine in the Kawasaki ninja motorcycle fourth generation was revamped because of the complaint by its reviewers. According to whom the riders, especially the new riders had some issues with it and thus Kawasaki decided to carry put changes and improvements in engine response at low RPM, and making the bike smoother and much easier to ride.

The U.S.-spec -J model of fourth generation ninja motorcycle makes use of dual carburetors as in the -F model, however the Fourth generation of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle with European-specification, Brazilian-specifications and Thailand-specifications make use of a fuel-injection system. The wheels size was also increased and it became 17 inches, the front suspension was also beefed up, along with replacing the brake rotors with a larger petal design. The temperature gauge found in the previous models was also replaced with a fuel gauge, except on the Brazilian model.

Kawasaki fourth generation ninja motorcycle, the EX250-J is being manufactured in the Kawasaki Motors production facility located in Thailand.