Ninja Motorcycle New Launch

The latest introduction of ninja motorcycle under the ninja motorcycle new launch is that of Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle model ZX-10R. It is really a shining star on the racetrack, with all the due credit being given to the used of advanced technology by Kawasaki on this racing bikes.

Kawasaki ninja motorcycle new launch introduces into the market a motorcycle which has so many advantages. The major advantages offered by this newly launched ninja motorcycle is that along with providing optimum performance on the circuit, the same configuration in terms of power and handling also offer superb performance on-track rides, thus making it a good bike to for city life and on streets.

The current ZX-6R Kawasaki ninja motorcycle new launch actually debuted in the year 2009. It is best known for having what is called as the possible ever the best sporting transmission motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki ever. For the year 2010 model, the same technology was implemented into the to the ZX-10R’s gearbox, with some internal modifications which were done with the objective of reducing play in the shift mechanism and offering a more-precise feel at the lever. These all changes resulted in a newly launched ninja motorcycle with smooth, effortless shifting with clean and positive gear engagement.

In a similar fashion to the gearbox, the ZX-10R’s adjustable twin-tube Ohlins steering damper were also modified internally in order to improve its ions for improved performance. The additions were in the form of a separate spring and free piston to the reservoir tube to increase the damping stability, and a new titanium colored finish and laser-etched logo were also used which enhanced the damper’s external appearance.

The summary of all the updations and added features in the ninja motorcycle new launch model is defined below:


• It has upgraded Öhlins Twin-Tube 18-Position adjustable steering damper

• The transmission has been upgraded top give smoother, precise shifting

• Redesign in bodywork resulting in better appearance and aerodynamic

• Up gradations in the throttle action

• Powerful and race-Oriented Engine Performance

• Kawasaki Ignition Management System (KIMS)

• Newly launched ninja motorcycle is available in two color options- Lime