Ninja Motorcycle In Motorsports

This article highlights the position of ninja motorcycle in motorsports and presents a brief overview describing the presence of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle in motorsports. However before discussing the position of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle in motorsports lets us tell you in brief what is a sports bike.

A sport motorcycle which is also called as a sports bike is a motorcycle which has been modified to achieve the maximum efficiency in terms of speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering on paved road generally at the cost of comfort and fuel economy as compared to normal motorcycles.

The EX250-E ninja motorcycle in motorsports is light weight motor bike, also known as entry level, small or beginner bikes.

From the time when the second generation ninja motorcycle model-Ninja 250 was introduced in the market under the Ninja EX250-E in 1986, the Ninja 250 has been playing an integral part in motorsports. Particularly this model, the Ninja 250 ahs been widely used as a start-up bike in club racing around the world. It is best known as a motorcycle training bike which provides efficient riding even to a newbie in the filed of motorsports. The Ninja 250 is also known as a Motorsports ninja bike by fans and the American Federation of Motorcyclists, AFM has been particularly involved with 250 Production racing from the time this particular ninja motorcycle was produced, including the since faded Honda VTR250.

In 2007 which is also the final year of the third generation of Kawasaki ninja motorcycles with the name of EX250, the Ninja 250 of Hambone Racing, was successfully in winning the Overall Mini Endurance Championship with the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA). The concept was piloted by CMRA long timers Chuck Ergle and Keith Hertell, this marked the only time a Ninja 250 had ever won a motorsports competition i.e. the CMRA Mini Endurance Championship.